Ronny boy returns ‘home’ and United hits the nostalgia button on

August 28, 2021

The irony is inevitable! Two of the best players in the world and it’s hard to contemplate how their lives are intertwined with completely different scenarios- while Messi had been forced to leave his home due to inescapable circumstances Ronaldo is preparing for homecoming since the spectacular turn of events last night. The glorious summer of jittery transfer market news and everything had to boil down to this.

Apparently the reaction of all the United fans

Cristiano Ronaldo is coming back to the Theatre of Dreams after 12 years of an illustrious career in Spain and Italy and all with a touch of drama. The Ronaldo-to-Manchester fiasco reminded me of a scene out of Shakespeare’s famous play Merchant of Venice. In the play, the lead female character Portia eventually had ended up marrying the man of her dreams by manipulating the casket test designed by her dead father to find a suitable husband.

This may sound silly at first but this is what happened in the Cristiano Ronaldo story. Let me take you back to the time when news had broken out that Ronaldo was moving all of his luxurious sports cars from Turin to Lisbon this is when fans started speculating that he is going to leave Juventus this season. Then the Juventus vice-president and the former Czech International Pavel Nedved had come forward and dismissed reports that Ronaldo was set to leave and insisted that he was staying- “We mustn’t try to create sensational stories where there aren’t any, I can absolutely confirm Ronaldo will remain at Juventus this season.”

Ronaldo even put rest to the rumors about his potential move back to Real Madrid by posting on his social media handles-“My story at Real Madrid has been written. It’s been recorded. In words and numbers, in trophies and titles, in records and in headlines”. All hell broke loose for Juventus supporters when the update came about Cristiano’s wish to leave the club this summer and 3 days before the transfer negotiations started. Now is when I explain why earlier I compared this scenario with a scene out of Shakespeare’s play.

Manchester City after failing to land Harry Kane with their 127 million Pound offer being rejected by Tottenham, found themselves in a bit of a pickle. Ronaldo had agreed with Jorge Mendes and set out his name for possible suitors in the transfer market while back in his mind he was determined to come back to Manchester. Juventus wanted a transfer fee worth 30 million Euros which would keep them safe within the Financial Fair Play norms.

Jorge Mendes had landed in Manchester yesterday morning to talk out the whole situation with City as they had a heavily complicated deal to finalize but City was not ready to pay 30 million Euros as transfer fee because if they did so they had to sell one of their big names from the squad which to be honest Guardiola was not ready to sacrifice and also the fact that Sterling and Bernardo Silva the two names that came up during the negotiations did not have any official bid from other clubs whatsoever. Juventus wanted Gabriel Jesus but Pep declared him to be not for sale. The City deal came abruptly at a halt and it ended soon.

This is when Mendes got a phone call from Old Trafford with their offer for Cristiano and miraculously Juventus agreed to the 12 million Euros + 8 million add-ons deal with Manchester United. Some of you can say that this is the kind of romanticism that you cannot get away from but Ronaldo was in contact with his compatriot Bruno Fernandes and his ex-teammate Rio Ferdinand the entire time and these are the signs that you cannot overlook. He even messaged his ex-United teammate and former French International Patrice Evra sometime back that he is “gonna play in our club”.

“Ronny” boy is finally coming home now and the Manchester United fans who had been disheartened since last 2 days about Ronaldo’s potential move to their cross-town rivals City can ultimately relax with a sigh of relief and enjoy this feeling while it lasts as there is a long season ahead but I bet they are more confident now that their homeboy is back to where he belongs. I will end in this article today with the hope that the season proves to be a successful one for United.

Ronaldo will play with the number 7 on his back as Cavani agreed to switch to 9

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