Fantastic Gosens inspires Germany to a thrilling 4-2 victory against Portugal

June 21, 2021

The phenomenon of German brilliance is well known not only in the field of technology but also in the footballing community with Germany being crowned the World Champions for the fourth time in 2014 which automatically made them the title-favorites in this years’ European Championship as well. As British footballer Gary Linekar once said-“Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win”. That being uttered cliché, Germany once again sensationally proved the world that why they are hailed as one of the strongest footballing nation all around the globe against the defending European Champions Portugal who did serve their honor of being the Kings of Europe throughout the length of the encounter.

We can surely say job well done for Joachim Low’s side 3 years since their early World Cup exit in 2018. On Tuesday, in their inaugural match of this years’ competition they had given France too much authority to control the game and let them gain the result in their favor but on Saturday night the whole team owned up to their mistakes and turned around and gave it their all making the fixture the highest scored match of UEFA EURO 2020. If Germany continues to match the standard they set, then in three weeks Joachim Low could sign off with a European Championship under his belt as the manager of Die Mannschaft. “We were dynamic, energetic, created a lot of opportunities and had great pace in our game,” said Low at the end of the match.

Robin Gosens, a name and a performance which had been vastly overshadowed that of Cristiano Ronaldo’s team game was the most important cog to the German team machinery. A little sense of pride for Gosens as well, as the Atalanta midfielder was denied for a shirt swap by Cristiano Ronaldo at the end of their Champions League encounter vs Juventus couple of months back but as they say revenge is best served cold. Gosens had got back at one of the greatest players of the footballing history with a sweet victory for his country and ‘boy oh boy!’ it was special for him. Gosens even took the Star of the Match award home at the end of the match which he would surely savor with a triumph as important and as precious as this.

Gosens in action

The efficacy of thrashing the defending European Champions came with a price for Germany as they conceded the first goal of the match despite of being the team that kicked off the match with their strong foot forward as they pressed the Portuguese with wing-backs Joshua Kimmich and Robin Gosens were effectively positioned as wide forwards. The Germans had the chance of opening the score within the opening 5 minutes when Serge Gnabry was adjudged to be offside while he sent the cross in for Muller whose shot was saved by Rui Patricio but the ball got deflected for Gosens who striked the ball at the back of the net. The first glimpse of the ‘Fantastic Gosens’ was enough for the supporters to cheer on for the entirety of the match.

Gosens’ disallowed goal

Cristiano Ronaldo after surpassing the record and being the current top scorer of the European finals broke the deadlock for his country when the clock struck at the 15th minute mark as the 36 year old cleared the ball from his own box and sprinted ahead of everyone as Bernardo Silva poured the run-in from the half-way line to put a cross-field pass for Diego Jota as he powered into the area and slipped the ball across for Ronaldo to tap it in and put the ball home and all this build-up happened within 15 seconds of Germany losing the possession. Cristiano Ronaldo has now scored 10 goals against Manuel Neuer(which is the most number of goals scored by any player against the German custodian) despite of not playing in the Bundesliga. These kinds of records speak for themselves.

Ronaldo’s strike at the goal

Portugal’s strike in counter-attack came had come with a test for Rui Patricio till the time when the Germans rose up to the occasion and put the score line at parity around the 35th minute. A drilled ball from Kimmich aimed at Gosens to the left who volleyed across the area the first time as Kai Havertz tried to prod it in under pressure from Ruben Dias but eventually the Manchester City man was the last one who got the last touch to the ball before it went in past Rui Patricio’s holy grail and the goal was awarded as an own goal with Ruben Dias’ touch written all over it. Well, much to Joachim Low’s relief his team stepped up their score within minutes of getting the equalizer as Muller failed to strike the ball home twice but Kimmich fired it back across the goal from on the byline as Raphael Guerriero could only divert it at the back of his own net and the Germans went ahead just before half-time. Raphael Guerrieros’ strike against his country is the fifth own goal of EURO 2020.

Ruben Dias’ own goal
Raphael Guerriero’s own goal

Germany opened the second half with another blow for Fernando Santos’ side as Kai Havertz got his first goal at the 51st minute as Muller fed the cross in for Gosens at the left who swept the ball into the centre for this years’ Champions League final’s sole goal scorer to shoot it from a close range and made the scoreline 1-3. Die Mannschaft were simply on fire as minutes did not go by and they got their fourth goal for the night as Joshua Kimmich demonstrated yet another exquisite piece of work as the wide players of Germany teared up the Portuguese defense apart. The first German goal scorer of the night, Kai Havertz slipped the ball to Kimmich who took his time and curled a perfect cross to the back post where Gosens headed the ball into the roof of the net and whole of the Allianz Arena rejoiced as the Atalanta player got his first goal in the national team colors.

Kai Havertz’s goal

Ronaldo’s side was determined to strike back and did so at the 67th minute when Raphael Guerriero took the free-kick which zipped past everyone but Ronaldo somehow managed to hook it back for Diego Jota to finish it in and the scoreboard displayed 2-4. The substitute Renato Sanches wanted to cause a bit of problem for the Germans but his shot hit the woodwork at the end of 78 minutes and the Germans’ wanted to elevate their score as well when their substitute player Leon Goretzka struck the ball at the crossbar and the score remained 2-4 in favor of the home side at the end of the proceedings.

Robin Gosen’s goal

Portugal’s whole Gosens’ problem occurred due to the fact that Gosens was not being marked all throughout the match and he always had the provision to go ahead of Nelson Semedo and cause a wreck which he actually did. Fernando Santos’ half-time team talk should have been about how to control Gosens’ movement down the left as Semedo failed to play his part effectively from the opening five minutes of the play. The tragedy is even after being the best side that Portugal has seen in many years’ now they lacked respect for Germany to be very honest and showered all their expectations onto their Captain Cristiano Ronaldo’s shoulders which was critical when you come to play against a team like Germany. The brilliance that the German midfield can produce with the likes of Toni Kroos and Ilkay Gundogan are beyond all kind of discussions as they orchestrated a win of this stature for their country. Fernando Santos later on remarked- “At half-time I tried to change it, but we ended up conceding the third and fourth goals. This shook the team, which still tried to react. We reduced it to 4-2, we had a ball against the post, one or two chances, but Germany also created danger. It was a fair victory for Germany.”

Team news:

Portugal: Rui Patricio; Nelson Semedo, Ruben Dias, Pepe, Raphael Guerreiro; Carvalho, Danilo, Bernardo Silva; Bruno Fernandez, Diego Jota, Cristiano Ronaldo

Germany: Manuel Neuer; Ginter, Mats Hummels, Rudiger; Joshua Kimmich, Ilkay Gundogan, Toni Kroos, Robin Gosens; Kai Havertz, Serge Gnabry, Thomas Muller

Referee: Antony Taylor

Star of the Match: Robin Gosens

Robin Gosen’s with Star of the Match award