Barca’s malfunctioning management real reason behind Messi’s departure

August 6, 2021

When one of the worst nightmares hit the Football fraternity on Thursday night, the world seemed to collapse for Barcelona fans. The Cules(as Barca fans are called) took to the streets in the city of Barcelona to mourn the departure of their King Leo Messi. Well, maybe that’s life. It’s unpredictable to its core and even if we are hundred percent sure about our decisions’ fate plays the trump card eventually.

Lionel Andres Messi. The Boy from Rosario became Barca’s own. The Football God. One of the greatest players on the planet fell victim to the hands of Barca’s grotesque mismanagement.

It is always hard to articulate and contemplate everything that goes around this transfer market. Players are mostly seen to navigate towards bigger paychecks as their agent tries to scoop the profit out of the deals but this was not the case for Leo as he had wanted to stay in Barcelona and agreed to receive his salary with a fifty percent pay cut. We have seen even in post-COVID situations when the English clubs like Tottenham, Arsenal, and Manchester United struggled financially they still managed to invest millions of pounds on big deals this season and bag some of the game changers for their respective teams after closely watching the UEFA EURO 2020 campaign.

On the other hand, we have FC Barcelona hurled by sheer inefficiency when it came to handling crises. A club which is in a debt of 1.4 billion Euros and still expect losses of 487 million Euros for last season foolishly moved forward to sign the deal with Messi this Thursday, knowing full well that the Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations of La Liga would not allow registering him as a Barca player this season. The latest signings of Sergio Aguero, Eric Garcia, Emerson Royal, and Memphis Depay cried out time and again to sell some players to balance the income and expenses. This is where the mismanagement dawned upon the club and shocked the world with the reality of publicly owned football clubs.

The clubs controlled by the oil oligarchies and business personnel are fluidly functioning without even thinking twice about the Financial Fair Play regulations. This is the present scenario. No sugar coats and over-the-top descriptions but the actual truth of the back story that most of us miss out on.

Messi’s deal was simple and yet one of the most anticipated ones so far as PSG were in the run to sign him after he became a free agent and as we all know Leo’s tussle with the club management began since Mario Bartemeu’s reign, we hoped that Joan Laporte could change his mind and convince him to stay all along and Messi did not let us down as he had negotiated and gave his word that he would stay for the next five years. He had reached Barcelona this Thursday along with his father as well as his agent Jorge Messi who wanted to sign the deal right away. But he was shocked when he was informed by the club that they would not be able to proceed with the deal in regards to the FFP rules of the Spanish league.

It was never Messi Vs the club or his agent Vs the club management but this time it was Barcelona’s poor financial management Vs FFP rules and huge amounts of debt.

Paris Saint Germain is now on the run as they are eager to sign Messi but they have to also think about the financial situation and would have to sell some players to make this deal happen. As for Manchester City, they are not in the race for Messi now according to their coach Pep Guardiola(Manchester City spend 100 million Euros on Jack Grealish this summer as the Englishmen signed the deal yesterday and will wear the number 10 jersey) who was Messi’s manager at Barca and a big influence on the Argentine’s career as he sacrificed Zlatan Ibrahimovich’s playing time to give young Messi the chance to show his talent and charm the world with his moves on and off the ball.

It will surely be interesting and nerve tangling to watch further news about Messi’s future in the coming days but Barcelona has just lost its star and the city lost its Golden Boy. I am sure most of the Barcelona fans are inconsolable now. This is life and this is football. It does not stop for anyone and goes by on its own taking bouncy turns now and then with quick whirlpools of uncertainty. For Messi, let’s be there and support him no matter what as he redefines the game we all love in his way and I believe wherever he goes next it will always be the same.