Hello, everyone.

Welcome to Soccceromaniac. I am Sadrita Basu, the writer and creator of this website and I am so thrilled and excited about it. This website is the reflection of a person’s immense love for the beautiful game of Football. Socceromaniac is the mirror of that very spirit which a young boy or girl possesses when they visit a football Stadium for the first time to watch their favorite team play against their arch rivals mixed with an eye of expertise from observing and studying the game for a handful of years.

The idea of creating a website was conceived for all those specific nerve tingling and eye twitching articles that make us think a bit more about a football match from a different perspective. I hope I can continue sharing my passion for the beautiful game and instill some of that contagious inquisitiveness among you readers. Please be patient and provide your feedbacks so that it can help this page grow.

As my hero and motivator, Pep Guardiola once said- “We need time” when he was asked about his plans of building a specific football model for Manchester City, here this phrase can be rightly used with regard to the level of contents being shared.

Thanking you for visiting this page once again and continue showing this love and support.